Image of UK proposes 6 YEAR prison sentence for criticising Islam online | Political UK
UK proposes 6 YEAR prison sentence for criticising Islam online | Political UK
Proposals by the Sentencing Council for England and Wales have caused controversy over increased punishments if you are perceived to have targetted a ‘protected’ group.

If you were to criticise someone based on their ‘race; sex; disability; age; sexual orientation; religion or belief; pregnancy and maternity; and gender reassignment’ you could face jail time.

The proposals, which can be viewed in full here, will be subject to a 3-month public consultation ending in August.

The Sentencing Council is the independent body responsible for developing sentencing guidelines for the courts to use when passing a sentence.

According to Breitbart, “The most severe punishments will be handed to those “in a position of trust, authority or influence and abuses their position to stir up hatred,” such as political leaders or figureheads and anyone whose offences are “persistent.””

Public Order Offences Guidelines Consultation said: “Volumes of these offences are extremely low and there have been no offenders sentenced for some offences,”

“However, given the recent social climate and an enhanced focus on this type of offending, the council considers it would be useful for sentencers to be equipped with guidance on sentencing these offences,”

“Among the cases analysed there were a number of ‘hate speech’ type offences, where inflammatory speeches were given by influential figures with the intention of stirring up racial hatred.

“Other cases involved publication on YouTube of content inciting serious violence towards particular racial or religious groups, websites being published including abusive and insulting content, with some activity continuing over a long period of time and intended to reach global audiences.”