Image of PressTV-'Biggest fracking demo held in Britain'
PressTV-'Biggest fracking demo held in Britain'
More than 3,000 people marched through the English city of York on Saturday to protest widespread fracking plans in the region, according to a report.

The mass protest is being labeled as Britain’s biggest so far against the controversial process, the British left-wing newspaper Morning Star reported.

The protesters voiced opposition to the process of fracking, or hydraulic fracturing, which involves pumping water and chemicals at high pressure into deep rock formations to release trapped gas.

One of the organizers of the demonstration, Graham Martin, said, “We were absolutely overwhelmed by the turnout, which exceeded all our expectations.”

“This shows that more and more people across Yorkshire are waking up to the threat of fracking to the countryside, rural jobs, tourism, the environment and climate change,” he added.

The Conservative-led government has pioneered fracking. Former British Prime Minster David Cameron has previously said during his rule that the UK government was “going all out for” it.

In North Yorkshire, Tory councillors gave the green light to fracking operations by giving planning permission, despite facing strong opposition.

The privately owned multinational chemicals company firm Ineos has announced plans for up to 30 fracking sites with 396 wells in each site, which could mean more than 4,000 wells in North Yorkshire alone.

The opponents of fracking fear that the extraction technique could increase the risk of earthquakes, contaminate groundwater supplies or affect wildlife.